Your Global License with Syncfusion

Factors to consider when doing a company inventory of Syncfusion licenses.

  1. Log into your portal(s) to view a list of active team members.
  2. Syncfusion doesn't automatically know who is using the software because it does not contain “phone-home” features. We do not track users who are using the binaries. This is an important data security safeguard for our customers.
  3. Portal user information does not necessarily correlate with actual use volume. Consider two teams. One could choose to register every user in the system. Another could choose to register only a small subset of users in the portal with the rest obtaining the binaries through alternate means such as source control/Nuget etc. The fact that the second team has fewer users registered in the portal may not indicate anything about their use.
  4. The only reliable way to ascertain use is to perform a full scan looking for files with Syncfusion in their name. This will help assess use. We can provide additional guidance on this but most customers already have systems such as Flexera in place to perform such scans.