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Bold Reports Community  License

Bold Reports allows you  to embed powerful business reports inside your applications.

Bold Reports can be distributed with your applications or hosted as part of your SaaS.

We go wherever you go.

Bold Reports can be used with every common framework you use daily, like .NET, Angular, React, and Blazor.

Bold Reports is made by Syncfusion, which is ranked #13 on G2's 2023 list of the best development products in the world.

Special offer for companies eligible for a Community License:

Get a Bold Reports Plus License for just $199/month.

Allows for deployment on cloud-scale systems such  as Kubernetes, AKS,  App Service, and more.

Removes Community License limitations:

Covers an unlimited number of projects  and developers.

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$199/month price will not change for 3 years.

Lock in today for massive savings as you grow.