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Why Upgrade  Your License?

Syncfusion's retail licenses allow you to build as many applications as you want.

In addition, retail licenses are assigned to a single developer. Just for full-time employees. Non-transferable. Non-shareable.

When your team expands, Syncfusion grows with you.

Flat licenses provide  you with unlimited flexibility. 

Can be used by contractors.




Flat licenses give you access to all our controls and platforms.

Developing for desktop? Check.

Your work is standardized across all platforms.


Developing for the web? Check.


Developing for mobile? Check.


Flat licenses include:

A licensing portal where you manage all your developer licenses.

A dedicated support representative to expedite your incidents.

Flat licenses can be tailored to your needs.

Global License Cover your company for development.

Division License Cover everyone on your team for unlimited projects.

Project License Cover one named project or application. 

Flexible pricing for companies of all sizes.

Tremendous savings over buying retail in just the first year.

Flat licenses start at just $895 per month.