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Syncfusion Essential Studio Retail License

The Retail license allows you to use Essential Studio with 1, 3, or 5 users.

Stop calculating per-user costs in your pricing.

Get more done  with your existing development team.

When your team expands, Syncfusion grows with you.

Supercharge your development with over 1700 controls, including:

.NET MAUI, Angular, WinUI, and Blazor

and the rest of your  go-to web, mobile, and desktop platforms.

4 major releases per year

24x5 support

Includes advanced libraries  to process document files:





I would have used [competitor] components as well but they  are so far behind Syncfusion's Blazor components, it's not funny.                                   Recent Tweet

Syncfusion is a  Market Leader

398 reviews on G2 345 reviews on Capterra 100+ reviews on TrustPilot and TrustRadius

Syncfusion is ranked #13  on the 2023 list of the  best development  products in the world.

5 users start  at just $395  per month.

80% savings over buying retail in the first year.

Massive savings as you grow